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"He did not play well yesterday."

Translation:Včera nehrál dobře.

October 31, 2018



why cant you start with nehral? e.g.. nehrál včera dobře. nehrál dobře včera.


That is a question word order (quite similar to English in fact).

But it is possible here and natural as an answer:

Proč není dnes na soupisce? Nehrál včera dobře.

Why isn't he on the roster today? He did not play well yesterday.

I will add it.


Yes! finally Im good enough in czech to contest the standardized answers


There are generally many -- sometimes very many -- acceptable answers for each exercise, though only one can be shown at the top of the discussion page. So it usually doesn't hurt to ask about alternatives! :-) It's also a very good idea to use the Report button, if your answer was rejected and you believe it's correct, in addition to asking in the discussions.

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