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Hawaiian obstacle

I love the Hawaiian lessons but i do not have a hawaiian keyboard. The beta version will not let me continue past a certain point because the punctuation incorrect! It puts me In a continuous error loop. I really miss it!

October 31, 2018



Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū ‘ ‘A ‘a ‘E ‘e ‘I ‘i ‘O ‘o ‘U ‘u If you can copy and paste the items in this list, then you will have the macrons necessary to proceed. Occasionally, I have had to change my device. I have an android cell phone, an iPad, and a computer. Switching between them allows me to get past the beta obstacles.


There aren't many special characters in Hawaiian, so you don't specifically really need a special keyboard. you can just use the word banks provided for the special characters, like in Spanish. That's just me though, I don't know about anyone else ahah.


Thx for suggestion. Just need to be able to produce line over a letter.


Just hold down the letter and the kahakō will pop up as one of the selections. Still no options for the ‘okina though... frustrating!


They don’t have the correct one in the word banks! Frustrating!


Here is a Hawaiian keyboard for Windows. Make sure you download the Unicode one.


I have found two such obstacles and sent details to Duolingo, including screen shots of each. Still no change. Very, very frustrating!!


For this course, you may find useful the Hawaiian keyboards built into the Windows, OS X (on your computer) and iOS (mobile phone) operating systems.

With these keyboards you can use alt/option + vowel to type a vowel with a kahakō over it (i.e. ā, ē, ī, ō, ū). The apostrophe key becomes an ʻ (ʻokina) by default. Using alt/option + apostrophe gives you an apostrophe.

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