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is Czech like Slovak?

I am wanting to learn Slovak but did not see that as an option on Duolingo, so I am trying Czech. Do you think this will help when I do learn slovak?

October 31, 2018



obe reci jsou rozdilne. Moje dcera, narozena v Nemecku, rozumi a mluvi cesky, ne uplne spravne. Slovensky nerozumi vubec. Cesi i Slovaci se reci naucili automaticky pasivne z rozhlasu a televize.


Yes, I travelled a little in the Czech republic for work. At home I could only find a Slovakian girl to help me learn Czech. The languages are very similar.


Most say they are mutually intelligable


I am a Slovakian and I learn English in Czech Duolingo. Languages are similar and I am also improving in Czech. :-)

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