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What to watch in Japanese - Beginner

Good evening everybody,

I am halfway to the second checkpointof the Japanese from English course, and find myself lacking motivation. This being mostly due to the fact I don't use those new skills.

I remember starting to learn english watching TopGear. I couldn't understand anything at start, but as the seasons passed, my english improved and I got more and more motivation to learn that language. I continued to watch every show I found in english, to improve my skills.

The last one I watched was MadMen, which gave me a broader vocabulary, and let me practice the american accent. Understanding everything was a tough time though.

Do you have any recommendation for Japanese series? I'd love to find a good show, but if possible quite simply written, as I am a complete beginner. So far, I've seen on the internet that "Shirokuma cafe" is quite recommended.


October 31, 2018



It really depends on your taste, if I'd recommend you stuff that I like just because I think its easy to understand you may not benefit from it as much as if I could recomment you something that you will enjoy watching more and therefore be able to absorb more.

So if you can write down some genres and example shows in english it'd really help :


Thank you for your answer, you're right. Here are some examples:

British stuff: TopGear - Alan Partridge - Luke's english podcast American stuff: Madmen - Friday night lights - Misfits - Rick and Morty - Futurama

I didn't put movies and books because I prefer to start with series to learn a new language, as the same characters stay and become easier to understand. Plus, the guest characters add a challenge every few episodes.


ok... let me try

drama: - MR.BRAIN - GTO (well either as live action or as anime idk what you prefer) - Tokyo Dogs

Anime: - Initial D - Binbougami ga! - Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - Sket Dance - Nichijou

Thats all I know that could kinda fit, Im more of a reader :v


Thanks! I'll check that.

Have a lingot!


try anime its is really good for practice i know most of my japanese skills from anime. I suggest Attack on Titan is was the first anime i watched. or if you dont like that then try Your Lie in parel or Tokyo Ghoul. they have subtitles that you can reed and you fine them on Dubhappy or Crunchyroll (or literally any other platform out there) hope it helps if not let me know and if you want more recommendation i can send you some (= have a good day sir -12 year old


You could always browse websites, like kissdrama, to see what catches your eye! I think netflix has some Japanese stuff but i'm not too sure


Thanks. Their calalogue is just huge! I checked on netflix, there are a few shows but not that much.


I think asobi asobase would be a good one. Its one of my favourite anime. Kamisama Hajimemashita is also one of my favourites.

I'm nowhere native in Japanese but I do learn it. I think it depends on your taste but it would be better to choose anime or Japanese shows with simple language.


Here are some Japanese dramas/movies/shows: Good morning call, Bitter Blood, High&Low shows&movies, Hana yori dango, and last cinderella.


Maybe you can find something (like anime) with English (or even better, your native laguage) and Japanese dub. If you watch in English first, and you understand the story, you can watch it again in Japanese (maybe even without the English sub) and if you know what they are talking about you might find yourself learning some sentences. Personally I thougt this was very helpful, because I had trouble with following the sub when people were talking to each other while the news was on, or other situations like that. Listening to it in English first helped me with that and I found myself not depending on the sub the second time I watched it in Japanese. I hope this helpes you.


Check daiweeb.org it's an anime site with Japanese and English (even though they're not always good) subs, with an integrated dictionary. If an anime you like is not there you can sugest it to the staff and they might upload it.

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