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Completed Assignments?

Something has changed since last school year. Then it was the rare student who had completed the assignment but DIDN'T have the assignment as "completed" on my class/assignment page. Now, many students are completing the assignment, but it does not get the check mark, even though it may say "3 of 3 completed". What is going on? Does this have to do with the crown system? If my students do the lessons, I want them to get credit for it. Some students are having to do the lessons 3 or 4 times to complete, some are getting it the first time. This is very different from previously.

October 31, 2018



At the moment, there are several bugs in "Duolingo for schools".
You might have a look at the comments of admin KevinR86 in these discussions


Yesterday I reported to one of the mods, via email with print screen attachments, this situation where a student (who has been in my class since the begingning in February 2020) shows completed the 6 first skills asigned, equal 6 blue checkmarks, and in the activity detail it says course progress 0 zero.


I have the same problem.


We're investigating this... thanks for reporting it!


Quick followup: at the moment the checkmarks are appearing only when a user has completed all 5 Levels of the skill. This is certainly not ideal. We expect a fix to be launched sometime tomorrow. Sorry for the confusion!


Thank you! This will make grading soooooo much easier! And much less frustrating for the students! :)


We just released the fix... there are now colored pie-slices for all of the levels below Level 5 and a checkmark if they've gone all the way to Level 5 so it should be much easier to get an overview of student's progress in Levels now.

Hope that helps!


I tell some of my students that they need to finish the assignment and they show me on their computers that they finish it. Why? On my duolingo classes show me that it is incomplete.


2 years later and still a problem


Same here - it registers completion for some of my assignments but not others, seemingly at random

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