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  5. "pe'IQ'eghmoHQo'!"


Translation:Don't be sad!

October 31, 2018



My answer of "Don't make yourselves sad" was rejected. Is this because pe'IQ'eghmoHQo' is the only way of saying "don't be sad" (to more than one person)? If so, how would you say "don't make yourselves sad"?


Yes, this is the only way to say, "Don't be sad," (to multiple people). "Don't make yourselves sad," is a literal translation and if a Klingon wanted actually say, "Don't make yourselves sad," they would have to use this same sentence. But the sentence is also used for the more simple implication of not allowing sadness to overtake them. Context would probably clear up which was meant. In any case, I've added the more literal interpretations to the list of accepted translations.

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