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Advice about the Netherlands, Jobs language etc - and just a BIG thank you to Duolingo.

Hi everyone.

This might be an unusual post but I have tried so many sights and maybe I just need some help from you guys or a different perspective on my situation.

My brother is now a Dutch citizen through marriage, before that he was classed as a skilled worker (he is an electronics engineer).

I on the other hand worked as a Goldsmith in South Africa and later a missionary in Africa until I met my wife who is a St Helenan. I moved to St Helena for her. I took the only job that was available to me at the time - a Police officer in the British oversees territories. It was all going well until I blew the whistle on some legal activities within the department and was wrongfully fired. I spent four years in and out of courts and eventually won my case. My wife and I became disillusioned with renaming on the Island so we started looking at where else to go.

We thought about New Zealand (mostly because it was another Island and I thought my wife and I would fit in) until my brother told me about The Netherlands.

The standard of life and education available for our children in The Netherlands is amazing and my brother (who I am close with) lives there too. My wife and I sat down and I frantically began looking for any type of work in the Netherlands (it is sort of easy for her she works with special needs/handy-caped persons and is a registered carer) I found a job semi skilled job that was offered to me but I couldn't make it in time to the Netherlands to get it and now I don't know how to go about finding another.

Sorry my long story comes to this: do any of you have any idea where or what sight I can go to to look for jobs for someone who has worked as a goldsmith and is an ex cop in the Netherlands? Or have any idea what I could possibly do? Do you think that someone who is eclectically skilled as me even has a shot at living in the Netherlands?

I realize that this is an odd post but so many of you guys have helped me not only with my dutch but develop my understanding of the Netherlands culture etc and made me fall in love with the place over and over again. Any comments or insights would be helpful - thank you.

On another note Thank you Duolingo!!! My Nederlands was slecht, maar nu is het verbeterd tot het punt waarop ik mijn kinderen een betere toekomst kan geven dan ik kreeg. Heel erg bedankt.


November 1, 2018



Have you googled any information yet ?
For example on the key phrase "netherlands immigrating"

and up pops : https://ind.nl/en , which looks to me as if it is what it says it is - a government site. And will have all sorts of good information for you to research.

As well as https://www.government.nl/topics/immigration

This also worth checking out possibly:

Also doing a google search on other issues that this topic brings up.
Especially googling jobs in the Netherlands.
Also consider joining one or two Facebook communities, that are about the Netherlands or learning Dutch.
And there is the site ( though I am very cautious of it - for ... well roos get concerned about things ) of "linked in" I am not recommending, nor not recommending that site. I do though personally know a lot of people who use it - for both employees to connect to potential employers or to markets. Or employers to seek out certain employees, I understand. But - I may also be misunderstanding something ;P

It would be appreciated also if you share information on how you are coping, what you are doing, in your language learning journey for learning Dutch.
Including what resources you find useful to you.


Thanks for the posts above. I have googled all those sights (except the one but I'll look at that one now) linked in helps but I get some offers outside the Netherlands - which doesn't help. A lot of recruitment agency's haven't been helpful because I don't fit the bracket of prospective employees that they are looking for or I just simply don't have the skills they want or can find a placement for.

Learning Dutch is to a degree easy and hard my grandmother was a Dutch Jew and she tough me quite a bit growing up - unfortunately at school in South Africa we were forced to take Afrikaans as a second language there was no alternative at the time and it gave me some bad habits that I have tried to unlearn. In particular Word order and Geen & niet but I have had so much help from so many people on duolingo that it is becoming easier. I can recommend some sights if you want?

I will keep looking thanks though :)


Some thoughts to share. As you already discovered: It's best to be in the Netherlands while searching.

Perhaps your wife should be the one to start offering her skills to the health market. There's a lot of work and developments in health care. Might be best, through a mediating agency specialized in healthcare that can promote and represent her qualities. The language will definitely be an issue in client contact jobs. But qualities and energy will matter too. Healthcare jobs Possibly as a care specialist / calculator with one of the big health care insurance companies. Private or persons clinics might be looking for extra hands too. Why not advertise herself in some Dutch (regional, web-) newspapers: certified nurse (speaks english) looking for work in/ around /area... It will generate some unwanted feedback so be careful not to over-inform.

For you: Southern province (Noord-Brabant) is growing hardest and has urgent vacancies. To get some idea: Noord-Brabant Are you in for working in one of the harbors like in Rotterdam or Vlissingen. Would extra education be an option. There are international programs to join. Are you scanning for startup training sessions for starting a private company (Goldsmith in Amsterdam)? Customs officer might become an option in view of your previous work. The Brexit (Example)will cause extra demand for trainees there. Can you get work in England for a trader and be based in a Dutch harbor (or vv)? Etc.

Some e-dditionals: Justice department; Prevention; Security.


If you want to become a cop again, info about jobs with the Dutch police is quite easy to find: https://www.politie.nl/over-de-politie/vacatures.html
There is probably some kind of (maybe governmental) agency that helps people find work. You could ask your brother about that. Even if he doesn't know, he probably has an easier time asking around.


Not many places will take a cop that put his own sergeant in jail and blew the whistle on his department got fired and then spent four years suing that department - sadly :( but you gave me an idea, security might be the way to go thanks I will keep looking.


In general there are many job opportunities in The Netherlands. In a few months, I will go there and hopefully find immediately a job as a data entry clerk. If I don't, there are surely many part-time jobs that seek people out.


Just a big thank you guys! Your advice and links were very helpful. It put me at ease somewhat - I appreciate it very much :) Dag!


If your wife is a skilled care worker, she won't have no problem at all finding a job. There is a HUGE lack of care workers in the Netherlands and the mental healthcare organisation I worked for and many other type of care organisations are at the point where they will employ people with any care background, even if it is not exactly one that fit's the job description, as well as foreign care workers even if they don't speak Dutch. They organise language boot-camps for foreign employees prior to actually starting the job. So, if she found a job, you could come here and once you are actually here, you can start looking for yourself. Perhaps also via LinkedIn.

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