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"DIvI' Hol wIjatlhbe'. chaq tlhIngan Hol jatlh tera'ngan."

Translation:We do not speak Federation Standard. Perhaps the Terran speaks Klingon.

November 1, 2018



This question has a little "play audio" button newt to the Klingon sentence, but nothing happens when I press it. (This is also the case with several other sentences in the app.) What's up with that? Is something wrong?


Are you asking why speaker icons appear in the course when we have no audio? For that you would have to ask the programmers. It does seem silly.

Or are you asking why we have no audio? That was Duolingo adminstration decision, but they are working on a solution for us.


I'm going to give you a lingot every time I see you having to answer this question anew. :)


I think you'd have spent at least 100 lingots by now already. I hope you have enough :)


Oh, thousands on hand to spare! No worries! :-)


*next to (not "newt")


If you have the Klingon Text-To-Speech app installed, that may be why you're seeing an audio icon. However, sadly, it still doesn't work within the Duolingo app. :( If you do your lessons in a browser, and have the Klingon Text-To-Speech generator installed, THEN the audio should work. (I have it installed, but I don't use it often enough to remember the exact conditions that are required for it to function properly.)

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