"Why are you walking?"

Translation:तुम क्यों चल रहे हो ?

November 1, 2018



आप क्यों चल रहे हैं Was marked wrong. Why is that please?

November 12, 2018


Comprehensive list of translations:

तू क्यों चल रहा है (addressing a familiar boy)
तू क्यों चल रही है (addressing a familiar girl)
तुम क्यों चल रहे हो (addressing a familiar male)
तुम क्यों चल रही हो (addressing a familiar female)
तुम लोग क्यों चल रहे हो (addressing a group with at least one man)
तुम लोग क्यों चल रही हो (addressing a group of women only)
आप क्यों चल रहे हैं (addressing at least one man & possibly some women)
आप क्यों चल रही हैं (addressing at least one woman but no men)

Edited according to input from vinay92, see below for more details.

Is that it?

December 25, 2018


तुम isn't used for a group of people very often.
So, तुम क्यों चल रहे हो would be addressing either a man or a boy (FWIW, I would never use तू even while talking to a child unless he is family)
तुम क्यों चल रही हो would be addressing either a woman or a girl.

If you want to use तुम in the way you have described, you can use 'तुम लोग' ('you people' -used similarly to 'y'all' in the American South). It functions like आप but is less formal/more intimate.

December 26, 2018


तुम क्यों चल रही हो was marked wrong for me.

January 12, 2019


If the person being spoken to is singular, could this be तुम क्यों चल रहा हो ?

November 1, 2018


No, तुम always translates with े. The above sentence could just as well be singular.

November 4, 2018


How do you wrote these sentences by yourself when i have only whole words as an option to pick up?

January 2, 2019


On the web interface there is an option to use the keyboard offered below the whole words.

April 23, 2019
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