"Why are you walking?"

Translation:तुम क्यों चल रहे हो ?

November 1, 2018

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आप क्यों चल रहे हैं Was marked wrong. Why is that please?


Yes - still marked wrong. I've reported it.


Ok bro you are right आप is used to address elders whereas तुम is used for youngers or friends etc


Why are you walking


आप version is still being marked wrong :(


Why does क्यों come after तुम and not at the beginning of the sentence?


It comes before the verb


Why is तुम first and not कयों?


Because subject comes first. क्यों तुम चल रहे हो? is a grammatically wrong sentence, and that's why doesn't even makes sense.
Hope this helps!~


Comprehensive list of translations:

तू क्यों चल रहा है (addressing a familiar boy)
तू क्यों चल रही है (addressing a familiar girl)
तुम क्यों चल रहे हो (addressing a familiar male)
तुम क्यों चल रही हो (addressing a familiar female)
तुम लोग क्यों चल रहे हो (addressing a group with at least one man)
तुम लोग क्यों चल रही हो (addressing a group of women only)
आप क्यों चल रहे हैं (addressing at least one man & possibly some women)
आप क्यों चल रही हैं (addressing at least one woman but no men)

Edited according to input from vinay92, see below for more details.

Is that it?


तुम isn't used for a group of people very often.
So, तुम क्यों चल रहे हो would be addressing either a man or a boy (FWIW, I would never use तू even while talking to a child unless he is family)
तुम क्यों चल रही हो would be addressing either a woman or a girl.

If you want to use तुम in the way you have described, you can use 'तुम लोग' ('you people' -used similarly to 'y'all' in the American South).


तुम क्यों चल रही हो was marked wrong for me.


what is difference of aap and tum and tujhe


All referred to "you" आप - 2nd Person (honorary) तुम - 2nd Person (familiar) तुझ - 2nd Person (intimate)


If the person being spoken to is singular, could this be तुम क्यों चल रहा हो ?


No, तुम always translates with े. The above sentence could just as well be singular.


How do you wrote these sentences by yourself when i have only whole words as an option to pick up?


On the web interface there is an option to use the keyboard offered below the whole words.


आप क्यों चल रहे हैं . still shows wrong. It was reported one year back. What is going with Duo? Nobody to correct the Hindi lessons?


What is wrong with: तुम क्यों चेल रही हो? How would you ask a singular female why are you walking? (Without using तू) And, how would yiu ask a group of females why they are walking?


You have a typo (should be चल instead of चेल) but other than that, it should be accepted.
For a singular female, you can ask तू क्यों चल रही है, तुम क्यों चल रही हो or आप क्यों चल रही हैं.
The तुम and आप forms can be used for a group of females as well but it is more common to use तुम लोग/ आप लोग (literally, 'you people') instead. तुम लोग क्यों चल रही हो or आप लोग क्यों चल रही हैं.


I think तम क्यों and क्यों थम should be interchange ble here? Why I'd the second option wrong?


In formal Hindi, क्यों should always go right before the verb. (One exception is for negative sentences where the नहीं comes between क्यों and the verb).

That said, note that colloquial spoken Hindi sometimes uses non-standard word orders to communicate slight nuances in meaning.


Why are you running?


Mein chal rahi hu khynki ye mere pair hai tere baap ke nhi ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°


I'm walking because these are my feet, not your dads... am I close? Is this a colloquial expression?


Agar aap tum ki jagah aap likhenge to bachcho ko achha sikhane ko milega

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