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  5. "Půjčila mi své nové auto."

"Půjčila mi své nové auto."

Translation:She lent me her new car.

November 1, 2018



''She borrowed me her new car'' acceptable?


Anglictina ma rozdilna slova na PUJCIT a PUJCIT SI.

PUJCIT je lend (minuly cas lent)

PUJCIT SI je borrow


She lent her new car to me is not accepted but it is much better grammar than she lent me her new car. She did not lend me but she did lend her new car


She told me a secret. - Same structure. Unfortunately, English has no distinction between dative and accusative, but syntax dictates that in "She told me a secret", the "me" is dative. And likewise, in "she lent me a car", "me" is dative, not accusative. When we switch the word order, we need to add "to" before "me".

Dictionaries show the same word order for "lend" that is used in this exercice: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/lend - e.g. "I've consented to lend her my car."

But I agree that the other word order with "...her new car to me" should be added as an option. As for "better grammar", nope, it's equivalent.

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