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"Pertandingan mereka terlalu lama."

Translation:Their match is too long.

November 1, 2018



This doesn't make sense to me. If it is a match, as in something to start a fire, shouldn't it be panjang? Lama means a long period of time. If it's talking about a match, as in a romantic liaison, then it's just a weird sentence....


Dear Susan, "pertandingan" is a match like a football match (or another sports match), not a match to light a fire, that would be "korek api".
"korek api mereka panjang" is correct when talking about a match to light a fire.


In this case the translation of "pertandingan" as "match is ok. However, the reverse (i.e., translating "match" into Indonesian) could be more tricky.


This sentence makes no sense at all in English *Australia) . Assuming it is talking about a sporting match (my assumption) you could say ' The match (or game) is going for too long', at least in Australia. The sentence as it is, in English, is just bad, incorrect.


This American totally agrees


"Their contest is too long" wasn't accepted but should be. Thank you.

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