"Ada sejumlah orang yang makan di restoran itu."

Translation:There are a number of people eating in that restaurant.

November 1, 2018

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"A number of people" is singular so it should be "There is a number of people ..."


I think this may come down to whether you speak a British, US or another variety of English. Personally "Are a number" works better for me in Australia.

This blog posts says both are correct https://www.grammarly.com/blog/there-is-there-are/

Whereas the oxford dictionary says "There Are" is the correct way https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/explore/number-of-people-is-or-are/


Without a qualifier, some works better. Eg "there are some people eating in that restaurant" vs. "there are a large number of people eating in that restaurant."


Sejumlah appears to mean some.


Are "Sejumlah" and "Beberapa" the same?


Here's what the dictionary says:


sejumlah/se·jum·lah/ n 1 sebanyak; banyaknya: ia menerima uang dari ibunya sejumlah Rp15.000,00

1 as much as; the amount: She got money from her mother of the amount Rp15.000,00

2 beberapa (yang tidak dinyatakan secara pasti): sejumlah gadis telah menjadi korban penipuan

2 some (where the amount is not exact): Some young women are still victims of deceit

3 dalam jumlah: sejumlah besar

In total: A large amount in total

https://kbbi.web.id/beberapa beberapa/be·be·ra·pa/ num

jumlah yang tidak tentu banyaknya (bilangan lebih dari dua, tetapi tidak banyak): ia membeli beberapa buku di toko ini;

Amount where the quantity is not certain (A number more than two but not a lot_: She bought several books at this shop.


why is "a group of people" marked wrong?

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