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  5. "Neřekla, co chce."

"Neřekla, co chce."

Translation:She did not say what she wanted.

November 1, 2018



So this would never be co chcela?


Ve spisovne anglictine ne. Tam by bylo :She did not say what she had wanted: Anglictina na to nahlizi tak, ze one nevi, co chce ve chvili, kdy to nerekla. Coz bylo v minulosti to nerikani a proto i to soucasne nevedeni je v minulosti na urovni toho nerikani. V podstate je to logicke, akorat cestina na to nahlizi jinak.


Chce is here translated as wanted. Shouldn't it be wants?


No, the sequence of tenses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequence_of_tenses in English works differently.

Nevertheless, "wants" is also possible for a more general truth (if she wanted not only then but she wants it all the time).


Would this also cover "She did not say what he wanted" where she was speaking about someone else? Or would you put "on" in to make it clear? Thanks


Theoretically yes. But the risk of confusion is very high so some kind of specification of the actor is likely.

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