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Assigned a skill, students INSTANTLY had "completed" it upon logging in... ?

Any time I try to assign something, I always seem to have difficulties. In the past, I have assigned a specific amount of points that they must achieve by a given date, but we found that when students were using the app off of wifi, it wasn't tracking their points. So today, I switched to assigning a specific skill level. I assigned Basics 2. The second my students first accessed Duolingo today, it registered on my end that the assignment had been completed. ??? Some of them still had not completed even Basics 1... Does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you!

November 1, 2018



It's possible that this occurred as the result of some recent fixes.

Please try deleting and reassigning the assignment. If it continues to appear this way, let us know.


This is still happening. Today I assigned 4 levels. As soon as students finish one, they are informed via the progress on the right of their screens (on a computer) that they have instantly finished all four. This has been happening for a couple weeks.

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