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  5. "You drink that."

"You drink that."

Translation:Kamu minum itu.

November 1, 2018



I wrote "Saudara" instead of "kamu" and was marked incorrect. I was taught (many years ago) that Saudara is the polite word for you, and used instead of kamu, and do not believe I should have been marked incorrect. Can someone please make sense of this for me?


You're right (please report it)
but I wonder if it's used only in some contexts.
Look at this page: https://masteringbahasa.com/polite-indonesian-phrases

They say:

Anda = formal ‘you’
Beliau = formal ‘he/she’ (use for respected person such as president, hero or teacher)
Saudara = formal ‘you’ or Ladies and Gentleman

So, is it more formal than "Anda", and is it only used in some context, and very rare nowadays?


Too formal, not common i think, only for the noble


Saudara is formal sentence, you=kamu, its general sentence


but most of the time itu is in an unusaul spot witch is why i put it at the start coment if you agree


What do you mean by "an unusual spot"?

The "itu" placed before the nouns, and the "itu" placed after the noun, have 2 distinct meaning.

Itu buku = That is a book.
Buku itu = That book/The book.

With a verb: it's always "that" as a complement pronoun, and placed before the verb.

You drink that = Kamu minum/meminum itu.


I was confused about itu at the end instead of the beginning...


This is so sad. Can we get a million likes?


I like indonesian and i love indonesian


Soale koe wong indonesia mas


Can "itu" be replaced with "hal itu"?
I know that's literally "that thing" but is it possible?


I think "things/hal" is only used for something that didnt have a form, like "i like that things" Then, "itu" usually used for something that have a form but its sometimes used for like "hal itu". I mean there is an exception to used "hal itu"

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