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Star Wars in Dutch

Lang geleden, in een melkweg ver, vér weg van hier: Strijd tussen de sterren.

I found this pretty funny and short video on YouTube where parts of Star Wars are put into Dutch. Star Wars is turned into "Strijd tussen de sterren" lol.


November 1, 2018



I would buy it :)

The last I checked, I could find Star Wars with Dutch subtitles but not dubbed into Dutch.


That's because, unlike a lot of countries around us, the Dutch rarely use dubs for anything. Our news shows just show people talking their native tongue with subtitles, our shows are the original language with subs. The only things you might find dubs for is cartoons and other kids shows, and most Dutch people have a very negative reaction to dubs in general I've found.


Haha nice =)

I once looked at a Dutch version of the books in a bookstore but after seeing words like "trekstraal", "lichtzwaard", and "Luke (Luuk?) Luchtloper" I was glad I read them in English. Somehow "tractor beam", "lightsaber" and "Skywalker" sound waaaay better to me =) Just what you're used to I guess... Imagine having to use "Microzacht Ramen 10" *shudders*



Gatverdamme! DX


I had to watch it in German once, it was surreal. It was even before I learned the language.

The Netherlands is pretty late when it comes to dubbing, so a lot of Dutch learned to speak English as a result. During the 90's we got a lot more voice actors, though. So every cartoon or anime that came out in the Netherlands is bound to have a Dutch version now. I recommend Spongebob Squarepants and Sjin Chan, those are some of the local favorites.

[deactivated user]

    Moge de kracht bij je zijn


    Apparently StarWars was never dubbed in Dutch and is only available in English with Dutch subtitles. This according to a comment from someone who claimed to be from the Nederlands on some other site.

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