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[SUGGESTION] Forum Folders

I've just started to release my Spanish Practices, which I feel really committed to actually keeping up with daily, and I was wondering if there was a way to sort these certain discussions on Duolingo. Well, as I found out, there is no way to put certain posts into a "collection" to access later. (If there actually is, I'm sorry, but I checked and don't see the option.

This would be a great addition in my opinion, because then we could access old discussions quicker and be able to have everything in a certain place instead of just having to sort through the huge mass of followed topics.

Let me know what you think!

-Giovanni0604 :D

November 2, 2018



Hey Giovanni! That idea is worth at least ten lingots. Just a hint from a follower. Take a vacation if you ever get burned out. My husband and I just got back from vacation to the mountains. I feel rejuvenated about everything. I know that you are young, but extremely devoted. Even smart ,young people need a break from this very busy world. As to your idea, it is great. Now if I like a post, because it is very informative or funny, I print it out. Chilotin and Mr. Heiss are excellent references for languages. Rev. Mother is hilarious. have a nice weekend. Your friend, Cat


Thanks Cat! I don't think I'll be takin' a break anytime soon, though!


YES, YES, YES!!! I've REALLY wanted this feature for a long time. Seriously, Duolingo, this would be AWESOME!!
It will make everything SO much easier!


Glad you think it's a good idea! :D


Hello Miss DR, Have you reached your goal already? I went on vacation and focused on fun instead of language acquisition . I didn't lose my streak, because I could get service at elevation 5,000 something feet. I used my saved lingots , so I didn't even study at all. Don't worry! I will meet my goals for sure. I haven't found the assignment yet. Have a great Friday! Love, Cat Have a lingot!


Hi Cat Here's the assignment!

No, I haven't reached my XP goal yet. Do you mean any other goal??

Have a nice day!


It sounds like an awesome idea!


I created a folder in my inbox. So, when various discussions get new comments, they don't end up in my inbox. I can also use my gmail search box to help me locate various discussions. It's not a folder system on Duolingo. But, it's a folder option that's vastly assisted me in the meantime. :)


Do you have a web browser that lets you sort bookmarks into folders?

If you do, then you could bookmark those posts into a collection in your browser bookmarks to access later. :)


Wonderful idea! Organization always helps in learning.


Great idea Giovanni0604! Yes I agree with you about accessing discussions in less time. I have soo many discussions to scroll through when I am looking for a particular one. Thanks for posting this. Best wishes!

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