"My house has two doors."

Translation:मेरे घर में दो दरवाज़े हैं।

November 2, 2018

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Why is the plural form used?


It's the oblique form. The object घर is modified by the postposition में, so it is treated as plural (मेरे instead of मेरा). If it were 'My house is good' it would just be मेरा घर अच्छा है


And this is also the reason why the sentence ends with हैं and not है, am I right..?


The reason why the sentence ends with hain and not hai is because doors is plural. Had the sentence been 'Mere ghar me ek darwaza hai' the sentence would end with hai and not hain.


Why is "मेरे मकान में दो दरवाज़े हैं" not correct?


I can't actually answer to the question fully, but my hindi tutor would always treat her own house as ghar because that term is also "home". Makaan is the building itself (without any sentimental value I guess) so here it could be more appropriate "ghar" as it is "my (own) home"... It's a stretch, I'd also use ghar out of habit, but I don't see why makaan is wrong. If you find out, please let us know!


Why में and not के?

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