"O gato preto"

Translation:The black cat

April 2, 2013

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What's the difference between "negro" and "preto"?


When talking about people, always use negro, if you use preto it will sound offensive.


Just check this out. Hope that helps: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/69864


No practical difference... I'd only say that "negro" relates to "preto" like "niveous" is related to "white"


I've never- and I mean NEVER heard the term, 'niveous' in English. Amazing quirks in every language, I guess...


Okay let me try to understand: For things and animals it's okay to use preto/preta AND negro/negra? Or can things/animals only be described with preto/preta? And for people NEVER use preto/preta and always use negro/negra? Is this correct?


in general that's it. stick with this and you won't have problems.


Awesome I got it now! Thanks :-)


Actually can you explain the word "pardo" and how that would be used to describe someone's skin in a sentence? Is it just a negative word in Brazil or does that depend on tone?


Pardo is a mixed white-black person, with a darker skin... it's impossible to fix a standard... each person define it by yourself...


if i wanted to say dark red, or dark blue how would i say that?


vermelho escuro, azul escuro


What is the difference between preto and negro?


Since many original comments are deleted, please, can anyone specify the difference between "negro", "preto" and "escuro"? I understand it like this, please correct me, if I'm wrong. "My shirt is black" (color black) = "Minha camisa é preto" "My shirt is dark" (like dark red or dark blue or dark gray, exact color not specified etc.) = "Minha camisa é preto/negro" "My shirt is dark blue" = "Minha camisa é azul escuro" "My shirt is dark" (like metaphore for "I am on the dark side) = "Minha camisa é negro" "My shirt is dark" (like metaphore for hiding in shadows, being shadowy person, having "shirt from shadows") = "Minha camisa é escuro"? The use with people's skin colours was already discussed, please DO NOT post in answer anything on this matter. Thanks!


What is the difference between negro and preto? Are they the same or is there some shade of difference?


This is my question also. Hopefully some Brazilian wil answer us.


O gato negro should work I would think.

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