"The book has cows and dogs."

Translation:किताब में गायें और कुत्ते हैं ।

November 2, 2018



I believe गायें और कुत्ते किताब में हैं । should be accepted.

November 2, 2018


The sentence "The book has cows and dogs" has "book" as the subject" and "cows and dogs" as the object. Your sentence (गायें और कुत्ते किताब में हैं) switches these, and would be read more like "Cows and dogs are in the book". It's subtle but not quite the same.

November 4, 2018


Is this said ? किताब के गायें और कुत्ते हैं।

December 13, 2018


it would seem more obvious to me, but that's based on logic rather than linguistic knowledge. Maybe this is more "the book features..." than "the book possesses...".

February 10, 2019


That makes sense but I think there are other sentences where duo lingo accepts the sentence structures as interchangeable

February 21, 2019
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