"František and Matěj make beds and tables."

Translation:František a Matěj vyrábějí postele a stoly.

November 2, 2018

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I wrote “František a Matěj dělají postele i stoly.” “Dělají” was corrected to “vyrábějí”. The “i” was corrected to “a”. Two questions: First, why is the verb “dělat” not appropriate here, and second, why is “i” not right? I thought “i” meant “and also”.


Dělají is accepted here and always was. Duo just decided to show you some translation with vyrábějí because of the other mistake.

"a" means "and", the normal generic one.
"i" means "and also", "and even"

"I thought “i” meant “and also”." It does. However, “and also” is not the same as "and".


Not sure but dělají = they do, vyrábějí = they make? I don't know about "i" though, can't help you with that.

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