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  5. "Bilasáana daosą́ʼ"

"Bilasáana daosą́ʼ"

Translation:All of you eat apples

November 2, 2018



I wrote "eat this apple" which was actually the suggestion after I checked it, and it stated that I was wrong. Could someone please fix either the suggestion, or the answer?

Thank you!


How can you tell the difference between them saying "Eat this apple" and "All of you eat apples"? I also used the suggested "You all eat apples" and that was incorrect as well. Could someone explain why? Thanks.


Question: Is that a command? or an observation?


It's both. Regular imperfective mode (≈present) can be used for imperative in the second persons. Context is key there. Navajo doesn't have a proper imperative tense so it makes do with imperfective or future.


Perhaps it's like the pushy Italian or Macedonian grandmother who demands that everyone eat more? From my experience with a cousin's grandmother, that was all she could say...


I put "All of you eat an apple" Shouldn't this be correct, too?

Please explain...


How can I distinguish if daosá is eat this or all of you eat....it's as confusing as Russian

[deactivated user]

    headdesks in frustration The course creators do realize that Navajo doesn't distinguish noun plurality, and that Navajo doesn't have any articles, right? They should accept "an apple/the apple/the apples" as English translations. Reported.


    shoutout to all you apple-eaters out there


    Accepts "Eat this apple" but not "Eat an apple"


    Seems theyʼve changed to All of you eat apples.


    Why is "[food] daosą́ʼ" an observation here and a command in some entries?

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