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I finally have the entire tree golden after 1 year!

As the title says, I just finished my entire Duolingo tree! I started learning Swedish one year ago since I wanted to go studying in Sweden. I managed to practice Swedish pretty much every day for one year, but now it is time for me to stop using it to learn Swedish (and use other ways of learning the language).

I also kept track of all the XP I got every week. So here is the final result in a graph: https://imgur.com/Cxk7xIz

The blue line is the total amount of XP I got and the orange line is the amount of XP I got each week (times 10 to fit on the graph). There is a big spike around week 40. This was during the summer holiday, I had more time and started to skip to next levels quickly, so that is why there is a big spike in XP. I also started to use different ways of learning Swedish like Nyheter på lätt Svenska and 8Sidor.

So now I am finally studying in Luleå (northern Sweden) and I really like it here. It is still really hard to speak and listen to Swedish people, but it slowly gets better. I will now quit Duolingo, but I will still continue learning Swedish and maybe I will start learning another language in the future on here.

Thanks to everyone who made the Swedish course possible and good luck to everyone who is still learning Swedish with Duolingo!

November 2, 2018



Grattis...Jag jobbar på det!


Grattis! Studerar du på engelska eller svenska?


Här i Luleå studerar jag bara på engelska. Jag tror att det är forfarande för svårt om jag studerar i svenska.


Congratulations!!!! det är mycket bra!!! and Good luck in Luleå it is where the famous Swedish Opera singer Peter Mattei grew up!!!


Grattis! Hoppas jag nån dag också kan göra klart ett helt träd som typ japanska. :)


Congratulations! I have been learning Swedish on here for almost two months now combined with watching some Swedish TV shows on Netflix (Bonusfamilj is a good one) with Swedish subtitles. I feel like that reinforces my learning and I've created a list of words they use often so I can follow along even better.

All the best!


Very inspirational! Well done!

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