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  5. "दादी किताब में लिख रही है ।"

"दादी किताब में लिख रही है "

Translation:Grandmother is writing in the book.

November 3, 2018



Am I crazy or should this be in the formal tone using "hain"??


Also, is it just me, or is it weird that grandfather is writing a book while grandmother is writing in the book?


I understand it as writing a story versus writing notes in a book

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Not necessarily. It is not unheard of to refer to your close elder relatives with the tum-level of formality as a show of endearment. This is especially true for your mother or other close female relatives.

Of course, if the sentence with हैं is not also accepted as a correct answer, you should report it.


Did you mean tu-level? Because tum goes with 'ho', doesn't it? Thanks!

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Tum does conjugate with ho.

But usually, for people you call tum or tu, when you're talking about them in the third person, you conjugate the words referring to them as singular. If you use aap in the second person, you conjugate the words referring to them in the third person as plural.

(This is not always true. For example, who you are talking to may sometimes also be a factor. But it is a good thumb rule. )


Thank you! :)


if the sentence with हैं is not also accepted as a correct answer, you should report it.

Except on a "Type what you hear" question. For those questions you need to transcribe what is actually said, not a response you composed yourself, even though your phrasing would have been more respectful. :-)


I believe it should. Report it.


Grandmother is writing "on" the book also should be accept


Why do I imagine grandmother writing inside the book?


why is rahate required after lick when lick means "writing"? They both mean the same thing.


"लिखना" (to write) is the base form of the verb लिखता "write/writes". I don't know whether the "writing" that you're saying is a continuous verb or a noun but the continuous form of the word "लिखना" will always be "किख रहा/रही/रहे" Eg. मेरे पिता बहुत तेज़ लिख रहे हैं (My father is writing very fast)

Also, the noun "writing" are either "काख", "लिखन", or "लिखाई" so I really don't know what you mean.

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