"Saya suka membaca komentar tentang berita yang saya baca."

Translation:I like reading comments about the news that I read.

November 3, 2018

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The speaker's pronunciation of baca is wrong (baka), strangely she reads membaca correctly.


This has been consistently wrong for me. It is so annoying on the questions with just audio, no words!! I was stumped the first time I got it, finally decided she must be saying bakar and was so confused as to why I had a sentence about "the fattest book she had ever barbecued". It seemed a little too Ray Bradbury, haha


All of a sudden a female voice changed for a male voice, and he reads 'baCHa' indeed! But for the rest of it he sounds terrible for my ear. Can I switch back to a nice lady?


'On' instead of 'about' is not acxepted. Reported.

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