"Pemimpin organisasi ini dahulu adalah Menteri Pendidikan."

Translation:The leader of this organisation was the Minister of Education.

November 3, 2018

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Not clear if "dahulu" is meant fo the "pemimpin organisasi ini", i.e. "past leader of this organization" or for the "Menteri Pendidikan", i.e. "former Minister of education". If it is the former, the sentence in English could read: "The past leader of this organization was the Minister of Education", if the latter: "The leader of this organization was formerly the Minister of Education".


Yep its confusing, I think formerly is the correct translation.


The Education Minister is a fine translation


Unless Indonesia has multiple education ministers, she was THE minister of education.


@donny309620 probably misunderstood, but "dahulu" is an adverb. Therefore, "dahulu" is not preceded by "the leader of this organization". "Dahulu" is followed by "adalah" (is/are/am). "Dahulu" functions as an adverb "formerly/previously" in Indonesian, the same as an adjective "former" in English. Please look up in dictionaries such as KBBI.

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