"Who are these?"

Translation:ये कौन हैं?

November 3, 2018

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What does "who are these" even mean? I've heard "whose are these?" As in to whom do these things belong. I could understand "who are these people?" (though it still sounds kinda rude). Anyone able to explain how this is used in conversation?


In Hindi यह and वह mean this and that, but can also mean 'he/she (nearby)' and 'he/she (over there, or not present)' respectively. Similarly ये and वे mean 'they (nearby)' and 'they (over there, or not present)'. To a Hindi speaker, "ये कौन है?" would be understood to mean "Who are these (nearby) people?". One could say "ये लोग कौन है?", but adding the word people (लोग) is a bit redundant when कौन already denotes that we are talking about people (or animals) and not objects. So because English doesn't have a word that implies "they nearby", the best translation, even if it sounds a bit awkward, is "Who are these?".


I understand, but it doesn't change the fact that "who are these" doesn't mean anything in English. If "kaun" implies that we are talking about people, then the word "people“ is needed in English.


I agree. It is convoluted and inappropriate to start with a concept expressed in Hindi, make a translation in awkward/bad English, and then ask the learner to translate it back into "good" Hindi. (It's like some of the silly games people play with on-line translators.) It seems "Who are these people" is one correct answer; "What are these animals." is another. In other contexts Duolingo has no issue with multiple possible translations.


did anyone know Malayalam


Thanks so much! That was super helpful!


What about "who are they?"?


"Who are they?" is also a perfectly valid translation of the given sentence. Since "yeh" refers to people or things nearby (as opposed to "woh" ), Duo translates the sentence to "these" instead of "they", just to stress on the literal meaning of "yeh"


i agree with Ly-Loo, this sentence does not make sense in English!


Yes you are ❤️


Duolingo has to improve a lot bcoz I don't find any meaning in this. And it has to show some differences between questions and answers.


I think changing this to "Who are these (people here)?" or something equivalent would go a long way. Regardless, this is a great reminder to give the notes/tips in each section some extra love!


Who are these is incorrect english. It should have a subject e.g. who are these people


Why not कौन ये हैं ?


Does "these" refers strictly to men, or strictly to women?

My question is if in this question "yehe koen he" it means who are these (men) Or it doesnt necessarily means it


I'm pretty sure that the terms are gender neutral, and that yaha/vaha = this/that & ye/ve = these/those.


When we have to use a and va


I don't understand who are these


can't you use "con hai"?


Yeh aur Ye ; Vah aur Ve So much difference in thought but its tricky to pronounce and notice them in real conversation.... How do you do it?


I can't understand that


ये कौन हैं? = who is this


Who are they? = ये कौन हैं? Who is this? = यह कौन है?


It's a good app I like it


I have many times

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