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"Ona nesnáší restaurace na nádražích."

Translation:She cannot stand restaurants at stations.

November 3, 2018



I understand that na plus locative can mean something similar to v plus locative, but is used less frequently, and has to do with places that...correspond to a function? I'm a little muddy on the last bit. Can anyone clarify when to use na and when to use v?


You have to learn these individually. It is almost random which noun uses "v" and which one "v". If they use both then "v" means inside and "na" either on the top of or is similar to English at. So specifically for the train station I would translate "at" as "na" and "in" as "v".


Ugh. I suspected as much. Prepositions are one of the hardest parts of most languages since they always seem to be idiomatic.

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