"Ini jus tomat termerah yang pernah mereka minum."

Translation:This is the reddest tomato juice that they have ever drunk.

November 3, 2018

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Can it not be, "This tomato juice is the reddest that that have ever drank"?


“Ini” should follow the noun it describes, so to say “This tomato juice,” we'd say “Jus tomat ini,” but “Ini” standing alone at the beginning of the sentence means “This is.” And the standard past participle of “drink” is “drunk,” although in some dialects “drank” can be very common.


Thanks for that! I constantly get that wrong but now i have a way to remember


Why is “pernah” before “mereka”?


It can go either way. Before or after.


I've now learnt that this is how the passive is expressed when the agent isn't third-person singular. “Jus diminum oleh saya” isn't 100% incorrect, but many grammaticians consider “Jus saya minum” more proper, and in this case, nothing can come between the agent and the verb, correct?


The emphasis on the word termerah is pronounced wrong, according to my girlfriend: should be on the second last sillable.

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