"How is today's weather?"

Translation:Pehea ke anilā o kēia lā?

November 3, 2018

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OK, I give up. What is the difference between "i kēia lā" and "o kēia lā"?

Or, more to the point, what is the difference in meaning between i and o? OK, this is just the Beta stage, but this does need to be explained in the tips.

And while we are at it, what does the preposition "ma" mean? And how is it different from "i" and "o"?


o kēia lā = of today / today's (possessive)

i kēia lā = today (a temporal prepositional phrase)

No other difference. I think they are trying to teach the difference between o and i here in this section.


I'm just a student, too, but I'll tell you how I think of it. "O" connects the following thing to the preceding thing (I usually read it as "of"). "I" separates the following thing from the previous one.

So, "ke anilā o kēia lā" is "today's weather" (or "the weather of today") and "ke anilā i kēia lā" is, "the weather, today". In this sentence, there is effectively no difference in meaning, but grammatically there is a world of difference and so it is best to learn both forms.

I don't know anything about "ma", as I have not seen it in the course.


jdmcowan has it right. "o" is very close to English "of." "I" and "ma" can both mean "at, in, on," but "ma" only marks place. "ma kēia lā" would be wrong.


Yes! we need tips. Other DL languages have very helpful ones

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    Ma - "Indefinite locative, instrumental, manner. At, in, on, beside, along, through; by means of, because of, in behalf of, according to. This very common part. is perhaps more specific than the similar i, at, in." This according to my dictionary. The example it gives is E noho ana ma Ulu-kou i Wai-kīkī/Living at Ulu-kou place in Wai-kīkī. Iʻm not sure how much help the strict dictionary definition is, but maybe a little.


    pehea ke anila i keia la worked 11/15/19


    Aloha! How I understand it, “o” could be translated as “of” and “i” as “in”. Since kēia is this and lā is day, -“Pehea ke anilā o kēia lā?” would be “How is the weather of this day?”, so “How is the weather of today”, so, in correct English, “How is today's weather?”; -whilst “pehea ke anilā i kēia lā ?” means “How is the weather in this day?”, so, in more accurate English, “How is the weather today?” Hope this makes sense


    Todayʻs weather is a possessive, a grammatical case that denotes ownership: the weather of this day. Examples in English: the dogʻs bone / the bone of the dog, the catʻs toy / the toy of the cat.


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