Tips if your lessons are freezing

Hi folks!

Several people are reporting that their lessons are freezing. (Their posts are scattered a bit here and there throughout various forums.)

I don't know if there is a pattern or not because folks aren't listing the information necessary to determine that. When reporting a troubleshooting problem, please remember that there are at least 3 apps and the website. So, mention what platform you're using, if you're using the latest version, what browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) you're using, if you've checked to see if it needs to be updated, and what your operating system is (Windows, iOS, etc). It will really help the community to help you.

Some basic things to try if your lessons are freezing:

First, submit a bug report here: If an issue is widespread and people are reporting it, it will alert staff to check Duolingo's side of things.

Next, check to see if your app needs to be updated.

Additionally, if you have access, try using a different platform until the other one stops freezing up Duolingo has apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, as well as the desktop website Duolingo desktop is optimized for use with the latest version of Chrome browser. If it's freezing with Chrome, try switching to Firefox for a short while just in case that might help.

Make sure that wherever you are using Duolingo, you have a steady internet connection. If your internet is cutting out, that can cause freezes too.

If you are concerned about preserving your streak, I recommend getting a Streak Freeze from the Lingot Shop. It needs to be equipped before a streak is lost. And, once it restores a lost streak, the Streak Freeze will need to be replaced if you want to use another one. Here is additional information on how to tend your streak.

I hope this has helped. Good luck everyone!

November 3, 2018


Thanks Usagiboy7 for posting this. I had this happen to me yesterday. I was more than half-way a test out skill and it froze. I had to redo it all over again. :( Next time it happens, I'll follow your advice! :)

November 3, 2018

Oh no! That sounds frustrating. I hope it doesn't happen for you again. So far, it seems to be happening yesterday and today to several people.

What platform were you using when it happened?

November 3, 2018

I was (am) using my computer. I have never used the Duolingo app on my phone.

November 3, 2018

I'm using an iPhone mostly and over the last two days the app has frozen repeatedly. On an iPad to report this. Ta.

November 4, 2018

The iOS app has been freezing every time I use it since the last update. Duolingo works just fine on the computer.

November 5, 2018

Thanks for the tip. Sagiboy7 Nick

November 13, 2018

This is a very nice descrpition. I can give you that.

December 25, 2018

I have been having freeze-ups on the Android app for about a week in both Spanish and German. I am using Android (v. 7.0), both my tablet (Samsung Galaxy S2) and the Android Duolingo app are up to date. It does not happen on my desktop (Windows fully updated, browser is Firefox, also updated). I do internet over wireless and it is stable. The app freezes in two different ways: (1) the app opens normally and allows me to do about half a lesson (3-5 exercises) and then hangs up with the "Loading" page displayed. It usually comes back after 1-5 minutes but sometimes times out. In the latter case, I lose the lesson without any credit and I have to start it over. (2) More rarely, the app freezes when I finish one lesson and try to bring up another. In this case, it freezes on the "Loading" page.

July 3, 2019

Back again to report that Duo is still freezing on me IN THE (fully updated) ANDROID APP in both German and Spanish. It freezes on the "loading" screen after a few exercises in a lesson and sometimes when moving to a new lesson. As an experiment, I put Duo on a phone with a higher level of the Android OS, a Samsung Galaxy J3star with 8.0.0 instead of the old ones ( a phone and a tablet with 7.0). No read difference except that the owl on the loading screen animates. On this new setup, it took 20 minutes to open the first lesson, then did only 2 exercises in that lesson before hanging up. When Duo finally opens, I can get to the leaderboard screen (Everything is still fine on my fully updated Windows 10 desktop with Firefox.)

July 6, 2019


The better option might be to open a bug report here:

Include as many informations as you can.
Provide a screenshot or video if available.

And/Or link this thread id here in your submitted ticket.

July 6, 2019

After duo freezes my phone (to the point of at minimum regular restart needed, and sometimes, having to yank the battery...or freezes my browser to the point of having to do a hard restart on my or the other of which seems to happen every day or two...the last thing I'm really enthused about doing is to log in to duo again, to make the report (or even hunt up an email address). Especially as, if I let the computer automatically load the same page upon restart, there's a significant non-zero chance of it freezing again within seconds. Maybe just have an email address that people can send to?

August 25, 2019


After duo freezes my phone (to the point of at minimum regular restart needed, and sometimes, having to yank the battery...or freezes my browser to the point of having to do a hard restart on my or the other of which seems to happen every day or two

What browsers are you using then? Safari?

Have you already tried Firefox Quantum or Google Chrome?

There have been several web updates incl. the silly skill animations, so it is very likely that all the UI stuff crashes or freezes our browsers.

I can definitely say that all the recent web UI code updates made Firefox V52.9.0esr much more unstable (freezes, high CPU load, constant blackscreens; quite often required browser restarts after it gets slower and slower,...) on my older Laptop here.

To me it seems that the most recent Firefox Quantum or latest Chrome works better with Duolingo on another (newer) computer which I do not have regular access to.

Maybe Safari is one of the issues??

I have seen other users complain about IE11 and that they even cannot get into the Home/Learn page after logging in.

I do not think that the Duolingo developers test any other browsers besides Chrome (maybe Firefox)....

August 25, 2019


This is just a free form:

You do not have to be logged in.

I tested it in a "private browsing window" with "no activity tracking".

August 25, 2019
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