"Mother and father are parents."

Translation:Ibu dan ayah adalah orang tua.

November 3, 2018

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Is "adalah" really mandatory in this sentence? As said in another comment, "adalah" is used when the sentence is long or complicated, which doesn't seem to apply in this sentence.



someone can explain the adalah where we using it ?


Adalah is like "is"/"are"/"am" in English, but only when comparing two nouns. Sometimes it's not needed. It is likely to be used if the sentence is long or complicated.

Buah itu pisang - That fruitis a banana Buah kuning di atas meja ADALAH pisang dari kebun ibu saya. "That yellow fruit on the table is a banana from my mother's garden."


Thanks alot for this explanation, I've always knew the meaning of "adalah" but never knew when to specifically use it.

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