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"Le riz est la principale culture de cette région."

Translation:Rice is the main crop of that region.

April 3, 2013



Mon dieu! It's bad enough when I get the french grammar wrong, but spelling 'principal' as 'principle' has REALLY annoyed me..Doh!


ur not wrong. "principal" is a school principal. My wife was one so I know cause we've been through this. she says "it ends in "pal" and I'm the student's pal" and that's how you know. Otherwise, it's "principle"


No this is incorrect. Principal can also be used as an adjective, in this case as a synonym for 'main', whereas 'principle' is a noun only and in this case would be would be incorrect.


Here it is a year later but I really want to thank you nevertheless. Merci bien.


I think that's what Tartanarmydosh was saying - that it's annoying when you put the wrong English word into the translation when you really do know the difference (hence his/her "Doh!").


Should there be a liaison between "riz" and "est"?


"Rice is the main cultivar of that region" should be accepted.


Cultivar mean something else: it refers to a cultivated variant of a crop, not the crop itself. The Granny Smith is an apple cultivar, but apples themselves are not a cultivar.

If you were referring to, for instance, basmati rice specifically, you'd be correct. However, simply accepting cultivar as equivalent to crop is not correct, so I wouldn't support adding it as a valid alternative.


couldn't 'harvest' work here?


No, because 'culture' when referring to plants only ever means 'crop', not 'harvest'.

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