Translation:Speak clearly.

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Why could this sentence not be "It speaks clearly,"? There are no obvious gender identifiers and "it" is the best way to communicate gender neutrality in English.

5 years ago

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My guess is usually only people "speak" and people are not referred to as "it". Ah a better answer it is an order. You use the imperative. "Habla" is the imperative for "tĂș"/"you". "Habla claramente" = "You speak clearly" or since "you" can be implied simply "speak clearly". http://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/hablar

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It is a command, but at this point I am studying adverbs. Commands are further down the tree, for me. I got it correct with "He speaks clearly" "Habla is also 3rd person singular, as you probably know that already.

5 years ago
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