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"Buku saya dilengkapi dengan gambar kucing."

Translation:My book is completed with cat pictures.

November 4, 2018



"equipped with cat pictures"? What does that even mean? Too many literal translations - a lot of work needs to be done on the Indonesian lessons. "This book is full of cat pictures" or "This book is illustrated with cat pictures"; either is correct English.


I agree. Maybe the most sensible English translation would simply be "My book has cat pictures", as the Indonesian sentence doesn't specifically state that the book is "full of" the cat pictures and using the word "illustrated" may also be too specific?

But then the sentence structure doesn't fit the "di-i" lesson. Hmm...


A better English translation here might be "replete with" or "complete with" cat pictures. That captures the sense that dilengkapi has, that it's not just possession of a trait or object but that the possession is somehow remarkable.


I agree, "This book is (comes) complete with cat pictures" is a much more natural sentence and "lengkap" means complete anyways.


I'm left wondering if the cat pictures are part of the basic book or if they are an add-on option, like heated seats or a moon roof.


Is this saying that, once I add the cat pictures my book is complete? and does it have to be "cat pictures" or could it be "a cat picture"?

I put "My book is completed with a cat picture" and it was considered wrong.


Equiped? A very odd English translation :-(


I see that people complain here about "equipped with cat pictures", and they are right that it doesn't make any sense. However, it seems that the translation now has been changed to "completed with cat pictures", which doesn't make any sense either.


The most likely phrasing in English would be "My book is illustrated with cat pictures".

"My book comes complete with cat pictures" seems possible, as do "My book has cat pictures", "My book is full of cat pictures" and "My book is replete with cat pictures", as others have suggested.

I'm not sure which best captures the sense of the original, though?

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