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"J'ai besoin de vacances et de repos !"

Translation:I need a vacation and a rest!

April 3, 2013


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I am still not understanding why this translation is not accepted: "I need vacation and rest.¨


I tried "i need some holiday and a rest" and got it marked wrong because i said "holiday" instead of "holidays" - but no-one says "i need some holidays" in English. "I need some holiday" means i need some time off. "I need some holidays" would mean i need to go away on holiday several times.


I said holidays and it corrected me to holiday but I would never say" I need some holiday "Uk


vacation must always be plural in french?


Yes, "les vacances" is always used in plural with the meaning of vacation.

"Une/la vacance" = vacancy


Would you ever use "des vacances," and if yes, under what circumstances?


J'ai pris des vacances le mois dernier = I took a vacation last month.


But what's wrong with holidays?


In a previous sentence 'de repos' had to be 'a rest' or it was marked wrong. In this sentence I tried 'I need holidays and a rest' and it is marked wrong?


In England we rarely use the word vacation. We are much more likely to say holidays - in the plural because this a a contraction of the original “holy days” church festivals when people were granted a day of rest. If I say a holiday, I am just as likely to mean a single day as several. We ask each other “What did you do on your holidays.” Therefore I believe that the plural form, “holidays” should be permitted as a correct answer. To finish this lesson I am going to have to take a vacation instead... not at all English!


"I need holidays and rest!" rejected in favour of "a rest". "Rest" can be a mass noun.


why not "I need holidays and rest"?


Is '' i have need of'' not good?


"i have need of" is correct although a "i need" is more common in American english


I answered " I need the vacation and the rest " and wasn't accepted . why?


Why is it de repos ? Why isn't it un/une repos to allow for the 'a' before 'rest' ?


"de vacances" is the translation for the meaning of "some vacation"

"de repos" is the translation for the meaning of "some rest".

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