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Cyrillic keyboard

I am interested in learning Russian, however, I do not have a Cyrillic keyboard. Any suggestions? Thanks.

November 4, 2018



You can download it on to your computer. I have mine set so that if I select a certain sequence of keys it switches to cyrilic



use this! good luck with your russian studies :)


Do what is appropriate for your input device, as described here. In the long run it is most productive to load a Russian keyboard (they are free) from whatever your operating system may be and learn to touch-type. Not difficult, nor does learning to type take very long. If you have any questions, ask.


If you are on your phone, you can change your keyboard language either through settings or downloading another keyboard app.

On your computer you can change your keyboard settings, too, it'll map your keys to default Cyrillic settings.


Actually, there is no any specific "Cyrillic keyboard". Any common keyboard can be used to type Cyrillic. You just need to switch on Russian in language preferences. But there's an inconvenience - Russian layout is completely different from any Roman layout (English, German...), so you'll type blind. If you are not too desperate for this, there's some methods to make your life easier:

  1. Go to some Internet shop (like AliExpress, for example) and order a keyboard with Russian layout. Very convenient, but a bit expensive;

  2. Go to some Internet shop and order stickers for your keyboard. Very convenient too and cheap (well, I guess - I never ordered stickers myself).

  3. Go to Google and search "Russian keyboard layout" in pictures. Download a picture with both layouts (English and Russian) marked. Now it's your crib, open it when you have some difficulties with typing Cyrillic on an ordinary keyboard. A bit enconvenient, but free :)

Hope these advices were useful to you!


Agree with all of this. I printed out an image of the Russian keyboard applicable to my operating system (make sure you get the correct one) and with of bit of practice, it will get internalized reasonably quickly and you will be happy for having made the effort.


You don't need to buy Cyrillic keyboard you can set your keyboard from language options in settings on your computer. The best setup for keyboard is phonetic one (based on similar sounds). For example a,b,d and f in Russian are а,б,д and ф (a=а;b=б;d=д;f=ф) and these characters are coming up after typing their Latin syllable counterparts. There are also other extra characters you have to find yourself. You might have to download the keyboard layout from somewhere else if your computer OS doesn't have phonetic.


I change the keyboard language settings to Cyrillic and then I open another browser window for an image of its layout. It is a lot easier to do on the phone.

On windows7 if You have multiple keyboard languages, press left alt + shift to switch between them.


for LINUX users, XVKBD is a virtual keyboard, that requires a bit of playing with to use smoothly. It works pretty well with Duo, though I wouldn't want to write an essay with it. It can be found here: https://linux.softpedia.com/get/Utilities/xvkbd-37737.shtml among other places.

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