Hindi course feedback/requests

Hi Hindi course developers,

Thank you so much for developing such a much-needed course!

I am a native English speaker and have had nearly zero exposure to any language similar to Hindi, so my main goal is to be able to understand spoken Hindi (and NOT to be able to read Hindi—that'd be way beyond me and not very useful since most Indian media today is available in English). This is most likely a common goal for new Hindi learners, so I had some suggestions/requests:

Firstly, for the "Select the correct translation" questions (select 1 of these 3 Hindi sentences that matches the given English sentence), would it be possible for there to be Hindi audio when you tap each of the Hindi answer choices? I believe the audio files already exist, since the sentences are often reused from the build-a-sentence questions.

Secondly, for the "translate this sentence" questions, users can currently tap each Hindi word to see its English meaning. Would it be possible to also add the English phonetics (e.g. "bhai") since some of the Hindi audio clips are unclear/very fast?

Thank you so much!

Best, Emily Cheng

3 months ago

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While I'm having fun learning Devanagari, I'm fully agree with "Hindi audio that matches the given sentence".

In addition, (while this is probably more to developers of the engine), it would be nice to be able to play the whole Hindi sentence after you pick-up the words to translate English sentence to Hindi.

3 months ago
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