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  5. "Ela tem dois escritórios."

"Ela tem dois escritórios."

Translation:She has two offices.

November 4, 2018



I am baffled by this. In Portugal, when you want to shop for a desk, you look for um escritorio. Why is "she has two desks" not correct?


So, it is similar to Spanish. In Brazil, "escritório" is used to means "office".


I asked about this just to be sure and no, a desk might be found in the "escritório" department or store but all things "office" go under "escritório" and this includes staplers, paper clips, filing cabinets, and [desk] computers.

A desk is a carteira, secretária, mesa (even, "mesa de escritório"), balção, recepção, or, serviço (depending on which kind is meant like classic desk, student desk, computer desk, help desk, reception desk, etc.). If anyone uses "escritório" to mean "desk" in Portugal it is likely close to the border with Spain (not so much the Galician part) but, I imagine there is some Portunhol mixing like this on the interior edges of Brazil as well.

Funnily enough, there is an "Escritório Portugal" kit for a very particular (unvarying) desk set-up but those are all Brazilian companies.

Otherwise it is Mobiliário de Escritório or Secretárias de Escritório.

Well, here is a great site to explore for "escritório" vocabulary:


Specifically desklike objects:


That's interesting! Thanks for bringing so much culture!

[deactivated user]

    Then what is an office called in Portugal, o gabinete?


    By the way, "desk" was translated in an earlier lesson as "escritorio".


    Serge, I have seen signs in windows of offices for rent, and they say Escritorio, as well.


    To Anglophones, there are two kinds of offices; a work-based office (obviously referred to as an office) and a home-based office (usually, but not exclusively, referred to as a study). Is there a similar distinction in Portuguese, or do you refer to them both as escrotórios?


    When I used OLX.PT to shop for a desk, I use escritorio in the search line and desks appear like magic. Sadly, not the desk I want!

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