"He visits them."

Translation:Él las visita a ellas.

April 3, 2013



Why isn't "Él visita ellas/ellos" sufficient. I don't follow why we are adding "las/los" and a???

December 21, 2013


the "las/los" is mandatory. the 'a' is the personal a :)

hope this short explanation helps

December 26, 2013


"He visits them" How one can deciper if it refers to males or females ? (los vs. Las) Again duolingo needs to be more specific with use of english sentences, otherwise it might defeat the purpose

February 13, 2014


Annoyingly ambiguous, could easily have been ellos.

May 29, 2014


I think duolingo offered me ellos as an alternative - maybe input like yours help to improve flexibility on their translations.

August 29, 2015


Why is it "Les visita a ellas?"

April 3, 2013


You mean why is it "las" and not "les"? It is "las" because "ellas" are the direct object. If he reads a book to them they would be indirect objects. "Él les lee un libro a ellas" = "He reads a book to them".

April 3, 2013


Actually, no. It suggested that "les visita...." was correct for me. There was no option for "él visita..." which is what I wrote.

January 11, 2015


Yeah that is odd that it would accept both. I just tried a while to find the sentence in the Object Pronoun section but it never gave me the sentence in English to test my Spanish translation on. In a two choice it only gives las/los to test if you know what matches "ellas". It also used "Él las visita a ellas" in the Spanish to English test.

January 11, 2015


I reduced this to Los visita, and it took it.

February 1, 2015


Can this be 'Él las visita.', 'Él los visita.', and 'Él les visita.'? I mean, if I don't say something explicitly stating a gender (like 'Él las visita a ellas.'), are all three of those valid options?

October 23, 2015


I am having a hard time understanding why the plural is not correct here? any ideas?

October 9, 2013


I wrote: E'l los visitas. Can someone tell me why we don't conjugate the verb to visit in this sentence?

August 7, 2014


We do, but visitas is the Tú form, the verb conjugates with the subject pronoun "Él" which is visita :)

January 20, 2015


I wrote E'l los visitas. Can someone tell me why we don't conjugate the verb visitar?

August 7, 2014


It is conjugated for him (el visita). The verb is visitar. Visitas as you conjugated it is YOU visit (tu visitas)

October 23, 2014


It rejected your answer, because you didn't conjugate visitar quite right. You used the 2nd person singular, but it needed to agree with the subject, Él. Él los visita would have worked. Los visita is also accepted, but it is understood that the Él had already been established in context with this use.

February 1, 2015


I get confused on this one because I expect "visitar" to take an indirect object, as in French, where you visit (to) someone. Wrong again. French logic is not Spanish logic!

December 24, 2014


Why [Él visita a ellas] is wrong?

June 3, 2015


I still dont get this ----- las los ... Why i need this??

September 25, 2015


Is it always 'les' for 'them'? -- Not 'los'?

September 29, 2016


Ugh. Trapped by my usual Americam lack of attention to grammar again!
It just didn't occur to me that his visiting of them was to perform an action upon them, making, "them/ellas," a direct object and so requiring, "Él las visita..."

July 6, 2017


"Él hace una visita a ellos" won't suffice?

October 12, 2017
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