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  5. "Das wird mehr kosten."

"Das wird mehr kosten."

Translation:That will cost more.

May 11, 2014



Why don't you accept the common contraction "that'll"?


"mehr" sounds more like "mir" on the normal speed. Listened to the slow speed after I got it wrong and the distinction us there. That's why I got it wrong


Why is "it" unacceptable here? - "It will cost more".


"It will cost more" would be "Es wird mehr kosten". When you use the articles as a subject it means "this/that".


Is, "Das wird kosten mehr." also allowable?

[deactivated user]

    No. Because of the verb 'werden', 'kosten' is pushed to the end.


    that would cost more isn't really wrong in my opinion . No context


    I think it is wrong because of "would".

    By using the word "would" you construct the subjunctive mood which is equivalent to 'Konjunktiv 2' (here the word "würde") in German.

    You change the meaning of the sentence in both languages by doing so.

    "Das würde mehr kosten." and "That would cost more" are both hypothetical now, but the given sentences here aren't.

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