"Elephants are big animals."

Translation:हाथी बड़े जानवर होते हैं ।

November 5, 2018



Why is it hathee (female singular) and not hathe (plural)?

November 5, 2018


Be careful, a word ending in ी is not necessarily female, and a word ending in ा is not necessarily male. हाथी is male, and as such the plural is the same (also हाथी). The general pluralizing scheme is:

Male ending in ा -> े (लड़का -> लड़के)

Male not ending in ा -> No change (हाथी -> हाथी)

Female ending in ी -> ियाँ (लड़की -> लड़कियाँ)

Female not ending in ी -> add ें (गाय -> गायें)

Be careful because sometimes you will see other forms (दोस्त -> दोस्तों) but this has to do with the oblique form, and is something different.

November 6, 2018


Yeah exactly and Nicely explained @zeebo7

February 26, 2019
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