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  5. "Elephants are big animals."

"Elephants are big animals."

Translation:हाथी बड़े जानवर होते हैं ।

November 5, 2018



Just to be clear, since both are masculine—is the बडे़ controlled by the हाथी or the जानवर?


बडे़ is modifying जानवर, so it is controlled by जानवर


Why is it hathee (female singular) and not hathe (plural)?


Be careful, a word ending in ी is not necessarily female, and a word ending in ा is not necessarily male. हाथी is male, and as such the plural is the same (also हाथी). The general pluralizing scheme is:

Male ending in ा -> े (लड़का -> लड़के)

Male not ending in ा -> No change (हाथी -> हाथी)

Female ending in ी -> ियाँ (लड़की -> लड़कियाँ)

Female not ending in ी -> add ें (गाय -> गायें)

Be careful because sometimes you will see other forms (दोस्त -> दोस्तों) but this has to do with the oblique form, and is something different.


Yeah exactly and Nicely explained @zeebo7


Thank you, that was summed up really well!

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