"The eyes see an apple."

Translation:Die Augen sehen einen Apfel.

April 3, 2013



so ein A(umlaut)pfel is wrong then? I am still saying "A apple" though right? It's not like you can say "A apples"...weird as hell indeed.

April 10, 2013


I'm not sure what your question is or what the issue is, but I'll try to clarify things....
"Die Augen sehen ein Äpfel" is wrong for two reasons:

1) Äpfel is the plural of Apfel. So you cannot have "an apples".
2) The case is accusative, so it is "einen" not "ein".

Additionally, "a apple" is wrong in English. It is "an apple".
More info on cases here: http://coerll.utexas.edu/gg/gr/cas_01.html

Hope that helps!

April 10, 2013


That helps immensely. Thanks a lot!

April 10, 2013
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