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Schools course progress disappeared

The course progress chart appears blank today. It should show which skills have been completed with a date when hovering with the mouse.

Is anybody else finding the same issue?

November 5, 2018



I have the same problem, and am hopefully waiting for it to be fixed.


This should be fixed now... thanks!


I agree that completed skills now show but the date of completion is still missing.


With the latest April 2019, several of my students lost progress and can not access their assignments. It is so frustrating.


Hi Anne, When you say that students lost progress, do you mean that the progress disappeared from your dashboard, or that when they look at the app, skills that appeared completed no longer appear completed... or something else?

There are no known issues that should have caused this.

Also: when you say that they can't access assignments, what do you mean by that? If you have a specific username for a student that's having one of these problems, I can try to look into it more.



I was reading a bit more on this situation. It looks like what may have happened is that they have not completed enough on a previous level. The majority of the students that had this issue had one or more missing assignments. However, I did have 1 or 2 students who said that they had completed all 4 assignments , yet it only showed that they had completed 2 of the skills in an assignment. I am not sure why that may be the case.


I'm having this problem too -all 12 of my students' progress shows they've only completed "basics 1" and one other skill but if you go to each of their activity logs, it shows they've all completed significantly more than that -I emailed Duolingo and sent screen shots, but have heard nothing back....

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