"Julia does not sleep on the bed."

Translation:जूलिया बिस्तर पर नहीं सोती।

November 5, 2018

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Why do we start with Julia here? Would बिस्तर पर जूलिया नहीं सोती । Also be right?

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    Then it would be Julia Doesnt Sleep on the bed. The question said The Bed isnt sleep on by Julia(or something).Just understand this it is a difference of active anf passive voice(called वाच्य in Hindi)

    Excuse My English Please :)


    In Hindi you start the answer with what is known, followed by what is optional. So if the question is "where does Julia sleep?" You start the sentence with Julia. If the sentence is "Who sleeps on this bed?" you start the sentence with "on this bed".

    So you could start the sentence with बिस्तर पर if the question would be "Why is the bed empty?"


    Ya of course in hindi word order does not keep importance so much But in most of the cases it does


    Why doesn't this sentence need to end with "he"? Thanks in advance.


    For negative sentences in Hindi, the है is often omitted. Apparently नहीं used to be ना है, and has been contracted and altered over time. So नहीं है is still sometimes seen as redundant.


    Here is an example where the nahi comes before the verb. But with the sentence 'the door is closed' the nahi comes after the verb. Is it because there is no hai in this current sentence?


    नहीं always comes before the vetb. In your example, दरवाज़ा बंद है, there is no नहीं nor a verb. If you pertaining to the sentence दरवाज़ा खुला नहीं है, there is still no verb here because खुला is used here as an adjective. It's a state of being. It pertains to the door, which is not open. It can be a verb though eg. वह दरवाज़ा नहीं खुल रहा है (The door is not opening).


    Thank you. That helps! I'll remember it much better now.


    I'll buy that. Makes sense to me, and helps me get the sentences right!


    What is the differance between नहीं and without the dot?


    The sound. The dot means that you need to nasalize the vowel.


    This is a wrong answer


    I guess "Julia does not sleep on bed" (without the) is a more proper translation


    No, bed normally needs an article, either a or the.


    Why don't we use "hai" at the end?


    Such a useless sentences something that makes sense are good for learning what does Julia does not slip on the birth mean


    Why Julia does not sleep on the bed


    Aaaaaahhhh guys i felt

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