"You write a book."

Translation:Kamu menulis sebuah buku.

November 5, 2018

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Im confused. This is Kamu menulis buku which is fine but the question before this I wrote Kamu menulis surat and it said it was Kita menulis surat. How do i know when to use Kamu or Kita?


"kamu" means "you" and "kita"/"kami" means "we"/"our"/"us"


Yes, but there's a difference in the meaning (Duolingo ignores it, but we, as learners, we have to be aware of it)

Kita includes the person you are talking to, when you say "we", and kami exclude this person.

How to know when you have to use "kita" or "kamu"? The context of course.
But on Duolingo, you can use whichever. (Unless they have a specific sentence where it would sound weird to include or exclude the person you are talking to)


I am confused with "kamu" and "anda"? I wrote" Anda menulis buku " This was also correct?


Yes, each time you have "you" in English, you can translate with "kamu" or "Anda". As they don't give a context. And even "kalian", the plural you, if there's nothing in the sentence that prohibit it.

If you speak French, "kamu" is roughly equivalent to "tu", and "Anda" to the formal singular "vous".
Anda is used to show respect to someone.


Also possible:
Kamu/kalian/kau/Anda tulis buku.


The speaker should write "Kamu menulis sebuah buku"in english mean"You write a book...


Sebuah isn't needed much, unless you want to make absolute certain it's only 1 book you're writing


Buku<sub>buku</sub> la<sub>la</sub>


bedanya 'kamu' dan 'kau' apa?

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