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  5. "Qaj wuS rur"

"Qaj wuS rur"

Translation:it resembles kradge lips

November 5, 2018



So would an alternative to {Doq targh 'ej wovbe'} be {Qaj wuS rur targh}?


This Duolingo sentence does not appear to be complete.
{Doq targh 'ej Qaj wuS rur} is more the alternative.


You are correct. By itself, Qaj wuS rur simply means he/she/it/they resemble kradge lips, whatever those look like. To mean be brown, the phrase must be Doq 'ej Qaj wuS rur or Doq; Qaj wuS rur. Insert the desired subject after Doq.


In that case, I think the translation "be brown" is rather misleading. My answer "It resembles a kradge's lip" was rejected (maybe because I should have said "kradge lips"), with suggested correct answer "be brown". If I come across it again, I'll use the kradge lips phrase and report it as correct.

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