"Bagaimana aku bisa tenang jika anakku pergi ke masa lalu?"

Translation:How can I be calm if my child goes to the past?

November 6, 2018

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Nothing wrong with using unusual sentences. The point is to recognise the structure and not to mechanically learn phrases by heart. This sentence tests your understanding of language in an unusual setting -- which you will certainly come across in real life -- just as I did on my recent trips to Saturn and Jupiter 5 million years ago. Without this sentence my Mother would have been unable to negotiate my release from time-prison when I could not raise the money for a return ticket...


I didn't realize they spoke Indonesian on Saturn and Jupiter 5 million years ago. I would have expected Vietnamese or Armenian. I'm glad to know I'm studying the right language for my trip.


If someone said this to me in English, I would have no idea what they are talking about...


It's not like pop-culture isn't chock full of time travel stories. No-one would say it to you in real life, sure, but we've all read a book or seen a movie where this sentence could easily have made sense.


My Indonesian family confirms that a time machine must be involved.


sci fi category? time travel?


Dear Umar, time travel is not sci-fi, I do it everyday, and this is what my mother always says when I do it.


please buy me some bitcoin in 2007


How can I be sad if my goat eats my shoes ? Oh please.... can we learn useful and meaningful stuff? Pliiiiiiiiiiz


Bagaimana aku bisa merasa sedih kalau kambingku makan sepatuku ?
Oh mohon maaf...Apakah kami bisa mempelajari sesuatu yang berguna dan bermakna ?


Back to the future? ;)


What? Is this supposed to mean they died or time travelled or they're just late?


“Goes to the past” … ??? What does this mean? The English translation does not make sense.


Is this a movie quote?


Nonsense nonsense nonsense .... hello duolingo ????


i'm assuming this is an idiomatic euphemism for dying? is that right? or is this a time travel question? x


Dear Tatty, this is a time travel question.


Duolingo, please teach us sentences that make sense that we could use in every day conversation :-(. And no Klingon language please.


It seems to me that the child died


When your child goes to the past to kill your grandfather before he has offspring sure you are worried.


Actually folks, not only is this sentence ridiculous, it is grammatically incorrect (the English translation). Noone 'goes' to the past, you either 'went' to the past (because it is past, it must be past tense), or you travel to the past (present tense).

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