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What is the functionality of the strengthen button on the Android app? It seems to be presenting the same material, not material throughout the tree. I would think that I would be stronger in the material just presented, so it would present other material in the tree. (If it matters, I'm on the crown system.)

2 months ago

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Do a skill order by "original (tree) order" and you can guess your next skill < 100% strength from top to down.

The global blue strengthen button may jump over the first few skills.

At least this is how the PRACTICE button works on the web portal.

2 months ago
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The Strengthen skills lessons choose words from throughout the course that Duolingo thinks you need to revise. The first few times you use it, those words will be from skills towards the start of the course.

It's only worth using once all of the skills have been brought back to gold. You can see which of your skills have decayed, using

The more you use the Strengthen lessons, the better it gets to know you. It's frustrating to start with, but after a few days it'll start to do a better job of giving you things you tend to get wrong, rather than just the easy stuff from earlier in the tree.

2 months ago

Thanks for the responses. I think the gist of your comments is that I need to be a bit more patient. (I'm starting each day with the Strengthen button, then following up with new material.)

I'm primarily using the Android app, since it's far more comfortable on my couch than sitting at my computer. If I don't get new material by the end of the year, I'll switch over to using my computer. Maybe I could buy a more comfortable chair?

As for a gold tree? That's probably a long way in the future. Right now I'm aiming for a blue tree before my tree is switched out for the V4 tree (theoretically sometime early next year).

2 months ago
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