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"Shimasaní tʼááłáʼí béeso bee hólǫ́."

Translation:My maternal grandmother has one dollar.

November 6, 2018



"Maternal mother" as hover dropdown for Shimasani! Is there any other kind of mother?


Yáʼátʼééh! This is because Navajo people use four clans to identify the kinship. The first, the mother's clan is the same as the maternal grandmother's clan. The second, the maternal grandfather's clan, the third, the paternal grandmother's clan, and the fourth is the paternal grandfather's clan.

Here are the Navajo kinships from gomyson.com:



Sure. So talking about "my maternal grandmother" makes sense and raises no flags. But "my maternal mother" is a tautology and not idiomatic in English.


Yes. I have already seen that. It seems that they wanted to show that it is "the mother's mother", so they could fix that. :)


Looks like they fixed this now :D

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